Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Umbrian Thanksgiving

Okay, honestly, our Umbrian Thanksgiving was pretty much like a Thanksgiving at home—on the menu, at least. It’s not like we moved here to get rid of all of our traditions, just to get rid of some of the daily traditions. The one thing that was different (the one big thing) was that we weren’t sitting at a big table with my family. That part’s sad without a doubt. But the food was great: mushroom patties (a family tradition for the vegetarians in our family, which subs for turkey), stuffing (with sage and onions), mashed potatoes, and gravy over everything. The veggie Thanksgiving can turn into too many shades of brown (partially cause gravy is over everything), so we also had steamed broccoli topped with aged Asiago, with Bindolo red wine from Domini to drink. Yummy:
Oh, we also didn’t have luck tracking down pumpkin for pumpkin pie, but (this is one positive about being here where Thanksgiving doesn’t close down shops) our local scrumptious bakery, Dolce Forno, was open today, so we got a pair of cream puffs (yummy):

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