Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Limeoncello, Part 2

Way back when, I talked about starting Limeoncello (after finding some great lemons at the market in Umbertide). Now, the seasons have passed, and it’s time to harvest the Limeoncello. First, take a look at the deep yellow (almost amber) hue it’s taken on, now that the lemons, spirit, and sugar have mingled with time and Italian air:
I had to work a number of straining options, as I couldn’t track down any cheesecloth at any of our local markets (I was going to just go ahead and use pantyhose, but then thought that I didn’t want to tarnish any of my favorite hose). I first strained the larger lemon peels out via a colander, and then double strained it through my fine strainer (which you know I brought if you read six bar tools I’m taking to Italy):
the straining worked pretty well (though maybe it’s a wee nudge more cloudy than if cheesecloth would have been used. Now, it’s just a matter of chilling and drinking (with maybe a little drinking before it’s even chilled. Hey, I can tell you the truth, right?):

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