Friday, November 12, 2010

Nestor’s Pizzeria Fridays: Quattro Formaggio and Radicchio, Veneziana Calzone

We had an exceptionally big day recently, hitting both the Arezzo Antique Market and the Citta di Castello Truffle Festival in one day (it was a big day!), and at the end of it we wanted to skip any lengthy dinner out, and certainly wanted to skip lengthy construction of a Cielo Chiaro Special, and decided to head to Nestor’s, instead. Nestor’s is always reliable (as you’ve probably picked up from past Nestor’s Pizzeria posts), and serves a very cold beer, making it the perfect topper to a big day. Before detailing particular pies though, I wanted to show off what makes all that pizza possible, the Nestor’s fire and oven. Sadly, I was taking the shot from across the room, and the first is serious, so the oven gets short shrift (but really, it’s that fire that makes all the difference):

Okay, on to the goods. We started with a Ensalata Aurora, which I should have pic’d up, cause it was bursting with greens, corn, toms, and fresh mozz. However, I ate it too fast. Sorry bout that. I also made another perhaps rapidly decided on turn: I had a calzone. And, I ordered one that is on the pizza menu, but not the short calzone menu, the Veneziana (which Nat had back here), cause I wanted to try a calzone, but was craving the delish onions on the Veneziana, as well as the parsley and other goodies. It was great (but I’m not sure adults every order calzones, as our friendly host did glance at me a bit askew):
Nat went for another classic, the Quattro formaggio with radicchio, where the oozing cheese is charmingly offset by the bitter red green:
Another amazing Nestor’s evening—my mouth is starting to water just thinking about it.

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