Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cielo Chiaro Special: Lasagna Vegetariana con Tartufo Crema

This is a somewhat special Cielo Chiaro special (hah!), because the recipe isn’t actually in the post, but over at Nat’s blog, Bella Cinghiale. This lasagna was so delicious we both wanted to post up the recipe, but since I normally get to post recipes I let her put it up on her blog. It was the first lasagna I’d had since moving here (there’d been some on menus at ristorantes before, but always with meat in them) and was amazing: homemade pasta, spinach, onion, and carrots, multiple cheese, and a truffle cream sauce made with the truffle salsa we picked up at the truffle festival. Layers upon layers of goodness:

So, head on over to Bella Cinghiale and get your lasagna going!

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