Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cielo Chiara Special: "Chicken" and Artichoke Po’ Boy

Don’t get up in my Italian grill --but no recipe with this Cielo Chiara special. I figured (and hopefully don’t figure wrong) that you could make this meal yourself, but wanted to show the pretty picture as a way to thank my friendly mom, who recently sent us a care package of non-Italian food. Not that I’ll ever get completely sick of the pasta, pizza, risotto, and more that we have served to us (and made by us) here in such scrumptious fashion, but a little balance isn’t a bad thing. Which is why the care package was so appreciated, as it had things like black beans, miso soup, and veggie sloppy joe mix. The black beans spiced up with rice made the ideal accompaniment to our Po’ Boys, which were topped with tartar sauce (I made mine with pickles, onion, mayo, parsley, pepper, salt, and lemon), lettuce, faux chicken, and artichokes (made in the Calagrana style depicted here). If I’m going to shy away from the local cuisine for a meal, this is the way I wanna do it:

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