Friday, January 21, 2011

Cielo Chiaro Special: Homemade Ginger Ice Liqueur

After making limeoncello (as detailed here and here), we had the generally necessary equipment for homemade liqueuring, and so I decided to make another batch--but then realized that maybe I should try and make something different. After weighing out a few options, I went a non-Italian liqueur route (because really, I can get endless and endlessly good Italian liqueurs right outside my Italian door): Ginger Ice. First, because I love it (the below recipe’s from Luscious Liqueurs, which if you didn’t know is my book of homemade liqueurs). Second, because I found a passel of good ginger at my local shop. The first step is peeling and chopping the ginger:
Then, adding it to the big ol’ jar with some clear liquor (in this case, I used vodka, but if you want more umph, grain alcohol works):
After a few weeks, I added the simple syrup. Then came a fortuitous happening (one of those moments where you get bubbly and happy just from finding something you never even knew you were looking for in the first place). We were in a store in Umbertide (a store where we picked up some nice beer glasses, too) and found a funnel with a filter built in—isn’t that genius:
If I had some cheesecloth, maybe I would have strained it through that, too, but the filer in the strainer was fine enough to do the trick pretty well. Here it is in action:
The end result was a persuasive ginger explosion. Oh, here’s the full recipe:

2 tablespoons minced peeled fresh ginger
3 cups vodka
1-1/2 cups simple syrup

1. Put the ginger and the vodka in to a large glass container with a secure lid. Stir well, seal well, and place on a shelf in a cool, dry place. Let sit two weeks, shaking occasionally.

2. Once the two weeks have passed, add the simple syrup. Stir again, and seal again, and place the container again on a dry, cool shelf. Let sit two more weeks.

3. After the second two weeks, strain the liqueur through double sheets of cheesecloth into a pitcher or other container that can be poured from easily.

4. Next, using two new sheets of cheesecloth, strain it into small bottles or jars that have secure lids, or one larger bottle. I strongly suggest letting the Ginger Ice sit one or two more weeks in the freezer before serving. If you absolutely can’t wait, shake well over ice before serving.

A Note: As this is so tasty chilled, and as the flavors continue to come out in the freezer, be sure that when giving this liqueur as a gift that you add a note to this affect, so that whoever receives it can take full advantage.

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