Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cielo Chiaro Special: Four Italian Drinks

Hmm, that title may be a bit misleading. This post isn’t about four drinks beloved by Italians, or four historic Italian drinks, or four drinks you can only get in Italy (though there’s a possibility not all ingredients may be available everywhere in the below, now that I think about it). Though (again, now that I think about it) those three ideas may have made for worthy posts. Maybe in the future? But here, in the present, is a post linking to four drinks I’ve created while living here in Italy, drinks which I’ve talked about on my boozier blog, Spiked Punch. See, I wasn’t sure if folks here on the Six Months blog have been making it over to Spiked Punch, and didn’t want you (if you fall into that category) to miss out on the joyousness of the drinks that have been created. And, for that matter, this blog should not just make you hungry, but also make you thirsty. With that said, and without future ado, here are four drinks we’ve been whipping up:

1. The Stock-In-Trade: Shows off what was first bought via Aperol and Strega, and what was brought via Bitter Truth orange bitters.

2. Da Molto Tempo: A classic (or, a relative to a classic), this throwback has gin, rose’ vermouth, aromatic bitters, and a lemon twist.

3. Highwayman’s Holiday: Even villains need a break consisting of gin, Aperol, Viparo, and clementine juice.

4. Punt e’ Mes Highball: Simplicity in its most liquid, a combination solely of Italian vermouth Punt e Mes, ginger ale, and grace.

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