Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sookie and Rory, Sookie and Rory: Italian Dogs

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the many hilltowns perched like living history atop the rolling green hills here, and to dwell too much on the difference between creams, and the menu selections on ristorantes in this village and that town, forgetting about the really important things here in Italy, which are the same (funny enough) as the really important things anywhere: dogs Sookie and Rory. With that in mind, here are some pics of the finest dogs in Italy and how they spend their time. As you can tell from the paw on the screen, Sookie forced me to write this (nah, I’m kidding. But what a cute paw). First, Sookie gets up (after much prodding) and looks out over the valley from the balcony:
Then (when it’s sunny, at least), they go outside and Rory does a check of the grounds for intruders (lizards, mice, old Italian men driving those three-wheeled trucks that max out at 15 mph):
Then, it’s off to the wrestling matches. The dogs would be happy to wrestle and run throughout the day (or, until they get tired, or, until Sookie decides she needs to sun herself and Rory decides he needs to eat persimmons):
Then Rory watches for the neighbor dogs:
and sometimes Sookie also does lookout duty (or, shows that she’s the queen above all things):
Eventually, even doggies get tired, and so we come in to watch the fire burn and read stories aloud about Lassie or Rex the Wonder Dog while sitting on the couch:
At some point, even the most energetic pooch wears down, and then it’s time for the end of the day, and a short nap until it starts over again:


  1. Oh, oh, very sweet. Makes me miss my granddogs a lot. But really, February is only two months away now. Be sure and tell them I'm coming. Love, mom

  2. I'll tell them for sure. And tell them that you'll be taking them on their morning walks, feeding them, etc.