Friday, December 10, 2010

Three Days of Pizza: Day Three, Quattro Formaggi con Cipolla

I wanted to end our three pleasurable precious poppin’ days of pizza with another quattro formaggi varietal (after yesterday’s quattro formaggi con roket pizza). This one’s also from the Fizz (like our first pizza), and is one that Natalie created (I think I talked about it briefly in a past post), a quattro formaggi con cipolla pizza. The cipolla is thinly-sliced, almost paper thin, and spread liberally over the cheeses, which are a blend of Gorgonzola, and I believe mozz, pecorino, and chunks of stracchino. It’s our favorite pizza of the moment, one that when I get it Natalie wishes she would have, and when she gets it I wish I would have gotten it—pizza envy may be the best recommendation. The onion mingles so well with the cheese blend. This one’s super close up, so you can admire the gooey goodness at close range:


  1. My favorite part of Goodfellas is when Joe Pesci slices up the garlic with a razor blade so thin you can see through it. I'm sure the rest of the movie still holds up and everything, but the cooking advice is the only thing that really stayed with me. Looks like the guy that sliced the cipollas maybe agrees with me.

  2. I think he does (though I can't see him putting a pen through anyone ala Pesci. He's sweet). And you know what? That is honestly the part of the movie I remember more than anything else, too. The whole garlic, spag sauce bit.