Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Three Days of Pizza: Day One, Funghi Porcini

I thought instead of doing longish pizzeria posts for a couple days I’d skip the song-and-dance and hit the pie itself. The idea (which is somewhat sadistic I suppose, but only in a gentle way) is to maximize reader salivating.  Okay, not solely to do that, but to allow me and us to focus in on the pizza itself. Like with the pizza below, a funghi porcini pizza from Bar Fizz. It’s funny to have funghi (meaning mushroom) and porcini (a type of mushroom) together in a “mushroom porcini” way, but it’s to draw a line between it and the regular funghi pizza. And look at it—those porcini are awe inspiring. Big meaty rich bites. They almost break the fork:

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  1. You are killing me. I want to stuff my face right now.

  2. Good--that's the blog idea. You'll be good and hungry by March, and we'll line up the eating spots.