Friday, January 14, 2011

Nestor’s Pizzeria Fridays: Hipstamatic

Now, I know I’ve put up a number of Nestor’s pizzeria pics and told a number of Nestor’s stories here on the Six Months blog, and I don’t want to overdo it (even though Nestor’s is worthy of each word of praise). But we were there recently, and, well, it was awesome. To make this post stand out from the rest, and to try to reduce Nestor’s overload, I took each picture with Nat’s iPhone using the “Hipstamatic” program (which lets you chose film, flash, and lenses from history). So, artsy pizza for everyone! I had the Perigina, a favorite from past visits to Italy and to Nestor’s, but one I hadn’t tried on for size yet this trip. It has asparagus strips, the traditional Nestor’s perfect crust, and (the key) an egg in the middle:
Nat had one of our regular top ten pizzas, the Venezina, which boasts onions on top of the traditional cheese and tempting tomato sauce (looking rather hip here with the Hipstamatic):
Nat’s mom and sister were with us, too, and while I didn’t get a Hipstamatic Nestor’s pic of mom’s pie, I did snap one of Christie’s sausage and onion item (which she seemed quite fond of, with sausage hearty and filling):
Another exquisite pizza evening at Nestor’s: this time in groovy coloring.

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