Friday, March 18, 2011

More Pals of the Mastro (Dante, That Is)

I’ve talked lots about the trucker restaurant Mastro Dante, about the lengthy and awesome veggie-packed antipasti buffet, the no frills but Midwestern homey décor, the big plates of pasta (and meat, if you’re inclined), the flowing wine and beer, the wildly affordability, and the dandy service. Go read more about the grub if you haven’t, but here I just wanted to show a few more pics, this time of some recent converts to the Maestro’s winning way of lunching, starting with a cuddly pic of recent visitor Jon Sholly and our waiter:
and following that up with a pic of Jon, Nicole (wife of said Jon), and pal Christy, under the sign that drew them like moths to a giant buffet of lights (or food, as you will), a sign you should watch for if ever driving the highway E45, as you can see it somewhat from the hungry highway:

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