Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Knew Jeremy’s Cousin Played Accordion?

Okay, Ivano Pescari may not, as far as any records show, be traditionally related to Jeremy Holt (pal of ours who also co-authored Double Take). But he’s the only Italian I’ve seen (and by “seen” I mean saw on a poster as I was driving through Verna) who has a ‘stache that can rival Jeremy’s March mustache marvelousness, or even approach it. Sadly (oh, so sadly) we missed out on Ivano’s performance that this flyer was advertising (as we were exchanging cars in Rome), but we are certainly watching for upcoming gigs. As a sidenote, Ivano has not been the only accordion player gigging lately—there have been like three fellas advertising upcoming shows where they're tickling the portable ivories, as well as a couple groups. It’s accordion season in Italy.

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