Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living La Dolce Vita with Shollys and Scharrer

So, apologies for the week-of-little-posts here on the six blog, but we’ve been basking in the company of Italy combined with our recent rad visitors, the Shollys (Jon and Nicole, that is) and the Scharrer (Christy, that is). There just hasn’t been time for blogging—it’d just get in the way of things like sitting on the shores of Lago Trasimeno in Passignano, enjoying the sunshine and a few bierras:


  1. What a wonderful life!

    And is that MY Isolda Maggiore I see in the distance?

  2. Ah, mom, right lake, wrong place--it's Castiglion del Lago. But Isola M is just to the left.

    And Skoog, it could have only been better in two ways (and their initials are ES and JM). But I had one for you.