Sunday, March 27, 2011

D.S.D.I.: Dr. Strange Raises a Negroni for Neilalien

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A Note: If you’re not sure who Neilalien is, well, go here. He was the first (I think) comics-related blogger (and a heaping helping better than the host of ones out there now), and has recently gone into semi-blogger-tirement. If you read the first D.S.D.I. post, you can learn a little more. Neilalien also has been known to have a good cocktail or two, and hence the Negroni toast (if you look closely, you can see the Dr. is having his Negroni at the spot where the drink was invented, Giacosa--the bar was called a different name back then--in Florence. And yeah, the Negroni was tasty. Well, I couldn’t let Doc drink alone).

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