Monday, February 7, 2011

Nestor’s Fridays: On Monday!

In the hopes of making your Monday’s tastier (and because I don’t want to get too far behind) here’s a look at our last visit into Nestor’s (one of the finest pizzerias in the land--and by land, I mean the whole gosh darn earth). At this visit, it was not only Nat and I but Mr. Shane (of the rabbit kidnapping and rabbit revenge), which means meat pizza! He had the aptly-named Crazy Boards (both apt in its combination, and cause he’s, well, crazy, and dances the boards), which had prosciutto, sausage, and cream:
He also had a salad (don’t faint), but it was pretty much all meat. Nat went old school and picked out one of our favorites from the first stop in to Nestor’s many years ago, the impossible-to-pronounce Rubasuocere. It has tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, béchamel sauce, porcini mushrooms, and walnuts, and is a lovely flavorful confusion:
I went a little simpler, with the Stracchino, a new favorite. It has (this first one I’ll be you expected) Stracchino cheese, mozzarella cheese, and roket (or radicchio):
The Stracchino cheese gets deliciously gooey, almost like a gourmet Velveeta, balanced out by the bittery roket. Yummy. And now get to work.

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  1. Dang. The Crazy Boards must be new, because I would have been all over that. (Did you get an order of Crazy Bread too?)

  2. I wish we could have gotten crazy bread, but we just got crazy broads (or at least that's what shane was dreaming of). Nestor's does have a new menu, with about 10 new pizzas. You'd better stop back. Oh, and we found a new pizza place that's pretty good as well, and underground with lots of wood, ala Auntie's Maes (without the stank). About 100 pizzas to choose from, many of which you'd dig (and, as a bonus, multiple decent beers on tap, and an array of Italian micro-brew-y things in bottles).