Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pizza and the Good Life

Hey, pizza lovers! Not that I haven’t perhaps dwelled enough on the famous bread-topped-with-stuff that people seem to enjoy almost worldwide, and talked enough maybe (well, I don’t think so, but am giving a “perhaps” to cloak my true intent. It’s what people do, but hey, I’m being honest about it) about the servers of said food here in the Upper Tiber Valley that I currently live in, cause I suppose some could say I have done the above. But, I’ve done it again, in another place, in an article on pizza I wrote for the Good Life Report. The article’s called Liberating Italian Pizza, and gives a splosh of pizza history (want to find out where the Margharita pizza came from? Now’s your chance), a splash of the interesting pizzas many pizzerias are now serving, and a splush of my favorite pizza (yes! What you’ve always wanted—to find out my current fav pie). What are you waiting for—go read the pizza article. And then go have a pizza.

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