Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lunch at Fiorintino and Shane’s Rabbit Revenge

A couple days ago, before we started crying cause Shane was leaving (and laughing cause my mom was arriving—we’re really quite up and down lately), he and I and Natalie stopped in Sansepulcro for lunch at Ristorante Fiorintino. I detailed both the town and the ristorante here, but it’s good enough that I thought a few more pics wouldn’t cause any grief (even if they do cause a little salivating). It’s also a mystery post, as it lets you know how Shane’s rabbit kidnapping (detailed here) turns out. But first, Nat and I’s starter, and one reason we returned to Fiorintino, the Tortino di Riso Nero con Fonduta e Tartufo:
The black rice is delicious, chewy and with a hint of the forest, topped with the cheesy parmesan fondue and shaved black truffles, all the flavors playing off each other. Amazing, really. I want one now. My second course was also pretty darn fine, even with the simple name of Zuppa Cipolla, or onion soup. It was almost more of a caramelized onion gratin in a way, not brothy but onions and bread married with cheese:
Nat went for the second course I had on our first visit, the Ravioli di Castagna con Fonduta di Ricotta, or chestnut ravioli topped with ricotta, which is slightly sweet and completely tasty:
Shane started with a typical big plate of thin sliced pork products and crostini, which I forgot to take a picture of, due to me being so enthralled by Shane’s stores of shopping (turns out, Shane likes to shop about as much as Natalie, which was nice cause then I got to sit in the bar, which I like). For his second and main meaty course, Shane had this:
If you can’t tell, it’s rabbit roasted with apples. See, he broke out of the rabbit kidnapping, and then brought the rabbit along for roasting. He’s a vengeful man, that Shane. But not so much that it makes him skip pudding (or dessert, in American English). None of us did, as he had the panna cotta with fruit, I had a fruit tart, and Nat had a little cake they cut to look like a heart:
Pretty, aren’t they?

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