Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pulling Shapes in Citta della Pieve

Stopped by Citta della Pieve the other day, to visit the birthplace of Perugino (the most famous 15th century painter in Umbria, unless I miss my guess) and wander another lovely hilltown, not realizing that beyond the art and buildings (which I’ll put some photos up of soon) the town is known for its tiny alleyways and side-streets, including the (supposedly) tiniest one in Italy, the Baciadonna (just as large as a woman’s kiss). In my mind, the perfect place for some odd shots and pulling shapes (hah). Not sure Shane agrees at first:

But, as we soon realized, that’s only because he wanted to show off his ninja technique:


  1. Città della Pieve is wonderful. I've been there three times, and in this town is the set of one of the most popular italian soap opera.
    Hope to see you and Natalie very soon, Mr Rathbun.

  2. This one is strong in the ways of the Parkour.

  3. It's all Parkour crazy here MM. We're literally off the walls.

    And Veronica, we hope to see you soon. Loved Citta della Pieve, but sadly no one asked us to be in a soap opera. But maybe when we go back.