Monday, April 25, 2011

TTITIM #2: Bar Fizz

It’s the night before we leave our pre-tirement and the Niccone Valley and our house on the hill, and we, naturally, had dinner at Bar Fizz. We tried to remember exactly what we had the first time we went to Fizz, and I have to admit, couldn’t remember. We know it was wonderful, though, because (and this may be one reason why we don’t remember exactly which Fizz meal was our first) after that first meal we never stopped stopping at Fizz, either stopping in or getting take out pizza once every week or week-and-a-half. If you’ve read this blog even a little, you’ve probably read at least one Fizz blog post, because I’ve written tons. Not only because the food is fantastic, but also cause it’s our local here (sitting right in the center of Liscione Niccone), and also (even more important) cause the owner, Guiliano and the other couple of folks that work there (his wife, her sister—at least that’s our guess on the latter, and occassionally his son, who reminds me tons of my nephew Kaiser) are darn friendly, and you can tell have fun most of the time, but still the food and the restaurant seriously, while being local and low key and without a breath of snootiness. Our favorite pizza is at Fizz (Nat’s own off-menu creation, Quattro Formaggi con Cipolla), as well as the best lasagna we had while here, delish pesto, fresh and fine frizzante bianco vino, and (when stopping at it as a café in the morning) great coffee and pastries .Okay, I’m going on and on, and will stop (cause you can read the old Fizz posts), but only after a few pics of our last meal there (and last dinner here). We started by sharing a recent obsession, the penne Quattro Formaggi (not sure why we started with it so late, but it’s darn tasty):
Then we went for pizzas, with a pick as you might expect of the above-mentioned “pizza Natalie.” Look how happy she is:
And finally, our dolce of choice (which I’ve talked about before), the tartufo al brandy:
Really, I’m not going on and on anymore. I suppose the fact that we were eating there the night before leaving really says more than I could, anyway, darnit.


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  1. I'll just pretend I'm not here (outside of the times we're lunching, comic shopping, etc) and keep telling you stories about a fictious life of leisure. Problem solved.