Monday, April 18, 2011

TTITIM #9: The Wild Animals of San Martino

If you missed the TTITIM explanation (or, the Top Ten Italian Things I’ll Miss explanation), then head on down to the below Bar Pina post and catch up for gosh sakes. #9 in my list actually covers a whole host of “Things” in that #9 is all the wildlife living around our hillside house. And that’s saying quite a bit. See, in Seattle, though it’s a green city, it’s still a city, and so pretty rare we see any animals (outside of the tamed ones) when driving home, or walking in the yard, outside of the rare raccoon, and raccoons are really almost domesticated city creatures these days. It’s been wondrous to randomly be rounding a corner and see five or six of the local deer alongside the road, or four boar running next to the car (Cinghiale!). These have been a host of interesting critters here, and I’ve loved seeing them (of course, they all in some ways remind me of Sookie and Rory). The list includes the deer and boar mentioned, but also badger, porcupine, nutria, and smaller animals like hare, squirrels, and the world’s most new wave bird, the Hoopoe (by the way, I think that are pal Mark Butler should have a band called Mark Butler and the Hoopoes):
Sadly (or happily, in a way, cause it points the un-planned-for-ness of the animal sightings), we never, or rarely, have time to catch a snap of any of the above creatures (even that Hoopoo pic above isn’t by me). So, to stand in for the host of furred and feathered friends I’m going to miss once I go from country-boy to city-boy, here’s one of the local squirrels, who I think are a bit craftier than our Seattle squirrels (or at least the darker-hued squirrels here have a bit of a devilish look to them):



  1. That bird is really amazing! and what is a nutria?

    I know this is no consolation but I did see a Seattle squirrel outside your office window this morning and the sun was actually shining on him. And there's a crow on the telephone wire right now.

    I can't believe you didn't get a boar picture!

  2. The boars we saw were at night (well, the live ones), so, no good pic. We were super sad. You shoudl warn the squirrel about Sookie and Rory coming back--those squirrels better enjoy the calm while they can.

  3. We'll find you some nutria at home and then we'll ponder how to get rid of the invasive beasts.

  4. Get that hoopoe some legwarmers and it'll be all set.

  5. I would totally buy a ticket to Mark Butler and the Hoopoes.

  6. Oh, Juliet, the nutria are so cute. And aren't we the most invasive beasts of all?

    And Phi, I'm going into the legwarmers-for-birds biz when I get back.

    And Staffel, you and I will be in the front row at that show.


  7. I just had to kick the hoopoe out of the band. He was hogging the spotlight.