Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TTITIM #8: Kentia Pizzeria

Number 8 on the Top Ten Italian Things I’ll Miss (you can catch up with more info on the Top Ten here as well as read all the posts here) is one I’ve written about once, and not too long ago:the Umbertide Kentia Pizzeria. Kentia is pizza al taglio, which means big squares of pizza cooked on large flat pans and sold in smaller squares by weight (want to learn more about pizza? Read my pizza article here). We’ve picked up Kentia so many times, when we wanted a quick, tasty meal or snack, that I feel when back in Seattle I’ll just expect to be able to get it when wanting incredibly tasty pizza in a hurry—and then cry like a baby in the backseat when realizing it’s not, actually, around the corner, with its welcoming green awning fluttering in the wind:



  1. Your mission when you return, then, is to open up pizza al taglio place in Seattle. Because a Little Caesar's just opened near my house and that shit will not do. No, it simply will not do.

  2. Poor Little Caesar--he always feels less than Big Caesar. I should open a pizza place, darn it. And a spot where my pals can play cards once they retire.