Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking Out My Window*

We were in Milan the other night-and-day (nothing against Milan, but I’ve been there once on a past Italy trip, and didn’t necessarily think I’d be back, as it seems to be only a good one day stop unless you’re doing business—it’s very industrial and biz-oriented) for what ended up a being an outstanding tour of the Branca distillery. I’ll detail that visit on my cocktail blog soon (and give a shot out to it here when I do), but it was a wonderful tour. The drive from Cielo Chiara to Milan is usually about 4-1/2 hours, however (unless there’s an accident on the A1—then it’s quite a bit more), which gave me lots of time to take photos out the window during Natalie’s part of the driving. There’s something about scenes of various types that you see out a car window that I love: fleeting, usually soon forgotten, imaginative, moments that you’re a part of in a watching way for a few seconds and then past. Here are ten things I saw then, with no commentary, so you can have that feeling a bit, too (and can feel a bit like you were on the drive with us--which would have been nice by the way. Where were you?):

*Glass of wine for anyone who can tell me what 1980s/1990s Kansas City band had a song with this same title?


  1. I'll have to pass on the wine though. Make that a Ginger Ale and some sort of Italian Meat Snack!

  2. Mantis?

    Good pictures. Wish I was there/good to see you when you come back.

  3. Dammit, Rich FTW. Got on here too late.

  4. Yarges is the mid-western rock god--only makes sense that he got it first. And yes, Italian meat and ginger ale works too pally. It'll be on me the next time we're around.

    Oh, Mantis would have been awesome, too--they coverd lots of PJets songs right?