Saturday, April 2, 2011

Italian Breakfast, Bar Pina Style

I think I’ve mentioned Bar Pina, outside of Umbertide, before on the blog—and know that Natalie has mentioned it on Bella Cinghiale. It’s perhaps our favorite spot to sit outside in the sunshine and have a beer, or vino off the spina, and where we meet wonderful landlords and pals Andrew and Marianne before lunch or when running an errand, and where many folks meet before heading one way or another. But whenever I may or may not have mentioned it, I know I didn’t mention that when we’re going off exploring, or taking visitors down into Umbria, we often spot at Pina for coffee (Natalie) and mirtillo succo (for me) and pastries before hitting the highway. I love me some mirtillo succo (or blueberry juice) and a croissant stuffed with crèma:
An amazing start to the day. This particular day, we were stopping by for Italian breakfast with pals Angela and Bobby, before heading into the Umbertide mercato, and they enjoyed the Pina, too (it doesn’t hurt that the day was absolutely beautiful):


  1. i feel famous! bobby and i are now wearing sunglasses around the house, yelling into cell phones, snapping at valets, and pushing paparazzi.

  2. Hah, you are famous! And thanks again for coming to visit (sorry if the paparazzi cause traffic jams).