Saturday, April 23, 2011

TTITIM #5: Doris, Neighbor, Dog-Sitter, Caretaker, Pal

Like many things here, in Italy, that have been important to us, I haven’t mentioned Doris on the blog nearly enough—if at all. The problem is, sadly, I probably mentioned the buildings, the food, and the more tourist-y stuff, while missing the daily things that made our life here possible and wonderful. Well, here, at least, I can catch up on Doris. She’s our German neighbor up the road (where she lives with two dogs of her own, and a pony—she’s lived in Italy for years), the caretaker-of-sorts of Cielo Chiara (when the high season is here, she helps Marianne and Andrew ensure everything runs properly between and during guest visits), the person who helped us get internet, called the Italian plumber when we had a leaky radiator, ordered us more wood for the fire when we ran out mid-winter, and much more. And she did everything with a smile, and a warm and friendly way. Look how smiley she is:
However, the way Doris helped us the most, I think, was with her friendship with Sookie and Rory. See, here (and in the States, I suppose) people get a little scared of Sookie and Rory, cause they’re large, Rottweiler-y dogs, super active and sometimes overly excitable when meeting people. So, folks aren’t always friendly to the dogs. Doris, however, was ready to meet and greet the pups from the first, and became incredibly close to them (I think she’s the closest person to them, outside of Nat and I, of course, and maybe my sister Holly, and for Sookie pals Jeremy and Beatrix). So close, actually, that she watched over them on the few occasions when we went for overnights (which we couldn’t have done at all without Doris). I’m (as anyone who knows me knows) incredibly over-protective and probably worrisome about Sookie and Rory, cause they mean the world to me, and I felt super lucky to be able to leave them in Doris’ care, cause I know how much she like the dogs. So, thanks again Doris, times a million. Sadly, we don’t have a jet to fly you to Seattle to watch the pooches, but we would if we could.

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