Friday, October 22, 2010

Italian Frozen Pizza is Gusto!

This may be mind-blowing, since we’re not but twenty minutes from the best pizza place in the world, and a mere five minutes from Bar Fizz (which is a ristorante in the town closed to us, Lisciano Niccone, and which has darn great pizza), but we had frozen pizza recently. Nat had picked up our first Italian cold, and it had her sleeping achily most of one day and a good portion of a second (once the limeoncello is done, we probably won’t have to worry about colds, cause it cures them almost every time). Once she did finally feel like being somewhat up and about, she really wanted to just have a frozen pizza at home. Hey, I understand her feelings. Haven partaken of my share and then some of frozen pizza when growing up (from really young to a couple weeks before leaving for our pre-tirement), I can understand how it would seem comforting when sick in a way, and like home. When at the store, we had a number of frozen pizza choices, but went with the Sofficini brand’s basic Margarita model:
because it looked dandy, but even more because it had a lizard on the package, and it exclaimed that this pizza was gusto!
And you know what? It may have been the most gusto frozen pizza I’d ever had. The crust was actually crispy, the sauce had lots of flavor, and the cheese didn’t get stringy like most frozen pies (we added a little more fresh basil, and that didn’t hurt either):

Gusto! Indeed.

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  1. This discovery fills me with delight. How will you ever come back to Pagliacci?