Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cielo Chiaro Special: Italian Burgers, Cole Slaw, Creamed Corn

When browsing the aisles at one of our local supermercatos, I’m always on the lookout for “veggie” products. First off, cause both Nat and I are vegetarians (the dogs though, eat any meat that comes their way. Which is why we chase the cats off). Secondly, because after writing the Double Take with pal Jern, I’ve learned how fun it is to use veggie “meats” and such in recipes of all sorts. Third, because I like trying Italian things that mirror American food I eat. There aren’t a lot of these meat substitutes here, but when at the shiny new Eurospar in Trestina the other day, I found some honest-to-goodness Italian veggie burgers in the refrigerated section. I grabbed them without hesitation. Instead of using them as a part of a complex recipe of some sort, we decided to have a little bit of our history and home (not our Seattle home per se, but our Kansas homes): burgers with cole slaw and cream corn. We did Italian up the burgers some (that’s fresh mozzarella on there), but the cole slaw and cream corn were straight up midwestern, with all the sugar, cream, and mayo you’d expect. No recipe for this special (I’ll save that for Italian dishes), but if the slightly blurry (hey, I was hungry, forgive my blurriness) picture gets you craving, let me know and I’ll give you the KS scoop:


  1. That looks Midwestern indeed, and delicious. I had sweet potato fries and edamame for dinner and it wasn't enough. No frozen pizza in your freezer here, but you did remind me that there's some good cheese in that refrig!

  2. There is good cheese there, though sadly even if there was frozen pizza, it wouldn't be as good Italian frozen pizza. But your comment makes me miss edamame. And sushi, too.