Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ruins on the Hills Above Lisciano Niccone

Nat and I used to go on this crazy (though actually marked) walk through a forest and up, up, up to a hilltop above Lisciano Niccone. The forest path was well traveled by hunters (we even saw one possible future  Italian house there, which was actually a hunter’s shed), loggers, and illusive deer, and the views once out of the forest were amazing, as you could look out over Lake Trasimeno. But one of our favorite parts was seeing the ruins of one particular crumbling Italian house (and not only because it meant we were almost back to the car):

If it hadn’t been overgrown by brambles and blackberries, maybe we’d be there still, hiding out in the Italian hills.

*Note: We were on pre-tirement, and now we’re back. Want the full story? Start the pre-tirement journey here. Want to go backwards? Read the last pre-tired post here and scroll back. Or, just keep coming back for pretty Italy pictures.


  1. Welcome home! Hope we can catch up over an aperitvo or two.

  2. Would love to! Drop me an email line and let's set it up.