Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meat Shop in Umbertide

As a vegetarian, I missed out when pre-tiring in Italy on visiting too many of the local meat-eries, or the local meat shops. The Italians love their meats, and most towns and cities have at least one shop devoted to meats, and usually two. And when walking by them, even though I didn’t partake, I always thought of how my meat-loving friends would have been salivating--which meant I was fond of the meat shops even though I don’t eat meat, if that makes any sense. The below shop in Umbertide was one of my favorites to walk by, just because of how bold it was about covering all the bases: ovine, bovine, suine. Pals like Jeremy and Shane would live at this place I have to imagine:

And, I love the little side sign next to it, just a little reminder in case you’re parking in front of it:

Next time I’m in Umbertide hopefully those fellas will be with me, so we can stop on in and view the carnage.

*Note: We were on pre-tirement, and now we’re back. Want the full story? Start the pre-tirement journey here. Want to go backwards? Read the last pre-tired post here and scroll back. Or, just keep coming back for pretty Italy pictures.

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