Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amuse-Bouche, Italian Style

Looking at the chilly day in Assisi pic below reminded me that to get out of the cold (and because it was lunching time) we wandered into a restaurant called al Frantoio (which we tried to go to twice more on other Assisi visits, but it was closed each time, darn it it all). The full al Frantoio experience is detailed here, but I forgot when writing it up the first time about the lovely plate of sun-dried tomatoes and olives they brought to us right when we sat down (along with a little bread-cracker basket):

Nat even enjoyed eating the olives, which isn’t a food she usually munches. But wow, I thought the sun-dried tomatoes were the tops—tangy, sweet, and olive-oil-y. Yummy.

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*Note: We were on pre-tirement, and now we’re back. Want the full story? Start the pre-tirement journey here. Want to go backwards? Read the last pre-tired post here and scroll back. Or, just keep coming back for pretty Italy pictures.

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